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1)The next Olympic Games won't be in Wellington.

2) I am not going to try zorbing next year.

3) My team might not win the match.

4) My parents aren't going to move to New Zealand.

5) It won't be snowy there at Christmas.

6) We might not see my cousins.


The history of New Zealand

The original inhabitants of New Zealand are called Maoris. They (1) have lived there for a long timе - the first Maoris (2) travelled to New Zealand by boat about a thousand years ago.They called the country Aotearoa' - land of tne long white cloud'.

Later, in the 17th century. European explorers (3) discovered New Zealand. It (4) became a British colony in 1840. Now it's an independent country - it (5) has been independent since 1907. But the Queen of England is still New Zealand head of state!

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